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From the routes through the streets of Brooklyn (New York) to Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles). From the Paris underground and its periphery to the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Berlin, passing through the streets of a Brixton (UK) where underground culture marks the steps and the rhythm of the clicks that document it. On the street, lives flow and connect with each other.


Latitude was born from the desire of the photographer Álvaro Sancha to create an exhibition gallery on line that shows his most personal view. His work has been exhibited in various cultural spaces in Spain, in which exhibitions such as “Huir para descubrir”, ‘Nómadas’ or “Postales desde aquí”. Three works marked by a strong social character.

This is a space in where the photographic projects highlight the strength of the urban heartbeat. Latitude is an author photographs that absorb the peculiarity of the moment and the identity of the place so that each moment captured is a reflection that opens new ways.


In addition to transmitting it with the power of the lens and his gaze, Latitude’s feeling also takes shape through a line of products that identify his adventurous and committed spirit.


Latitude is a pause in the frenetic pace of everyday life to travel through other paths where each material and each process can be valued. Latitude is a safe place where the reflection of the gaze intersects with the passion of the streets and the people who make it a vital element for society.